Generating Cattle Reports

Maintaining a herd of any size can be a challenge, but with proper record keeping and having access to pertinent information, operations can run remarkably smoothly. With the ease of modern technology, ranchers can develop a vital source of information which is available at all times.

Keeping updated records of all animals is crucial to the success of a ranch. Identification numbers should be linked to basic information of each animal, including date of birth, sex, breed, weight, offspring and vaccination history. Additional information such as pictures of individual animals can also be useful tools. Printing lists of cattle to check in the pastures or having a list of cows due to calve soon can turn your data entry into useful information that you can make decisions with.

Production factors should be reviewed often, including outgoing expenses in relation to income. The number of calves and the breeding status of females are also key points in ensuring success, and the total population of a herd should be monitored closely as well, with regular updates regarding a purchase, sale or death of an animal. Ensure you generate reports to get the most of your record keeping efforts and identify areas of your management and cattle herd that can be improved.

These records and more are available in cattle management programs. Reports can help producers have a good view of their business, and be able to visually see where modifications to the ranch's operating procedures would assist in optimizing productivity.